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Who we are

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Founder & CEO

John is a successful technology entrepreneur and strategist.  Over a career as CTO at Wayfair, Chief Product Officer at Indigo Ag, and Principal at the Boston Consulting Group he has developed and delivered a range of high-impact businesses that span technology, consumer experience, economics and policy.  Currently John sits on several boards, including URBN and Bombas and is a Senior Advisor at BCG, as well as advising a number of early-stage climate startups.

John's career started in the economics of decarbonization, when he was working on a Ph.D at UC Berkeley.  He turned to a number of technology startups, building large-scale technology and business teams.  He has published on decarbonization in the Harvard Business Review, the Boston Globe, and other publications.  



Ed is a multi-time successful leader of decarbonization and technology efforts.  As Vice President of Carbon Solutions at Solugen, global head of carbon markets at Indigo Ag, General Manager of Wayfair Canada, and a principal at the Boston Consulting Group, Ed has built multiple successful businesses amidst the ambiguity of early stage market definition.  He has led deep decarbonization projects for leading hedge funds and industrial companies, and he has led or advised commercialization and operationalization efforts for 10+ climate tech startups.

Ed's career started in the nonprofit sector, focused on education equity and environmentalism, at Teach For America and The Bridgespan Group. After getting his MBA, he he has focused on mission-driven businesses, with a focus on decarbonization. 

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