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Our approach to helping solve one of the world's most pressing & challenging  problems


Our process begins with the identification of a theory of action for reducing emissions at a globally impactful scale.  Themes may be related to on policy, economics, finance, activism, or culture.  While we look to incubate high impact and long term efforts, we only take on a theme if we have high conviction of both potential and feasibility.  From a theory of action, we define concepts for projects which might achieve traction.  Throughout this iterative process for defining a project, we work with key leaders in government, policy and the private sector to maximize the likelihood that concepts can be brought to life and maximize the likelihood of significant impact on emissions.

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We begin to identify potential partners who might be able to bring a project to life early in the process of concept development and work with potential partners on project definition.  Often we bring in multiple partners for different aspects of a project where different capabilities are needed.  As projects launch, we continue to work with partners on project findings, evolution, and impact.  We connect partners with others working on related topics & goals.  Often we are involved in the early stages of projects, and foundations and other funders get involved as projects mature.


We have a lightweight model.  We connect funders with projects that align with their decarbonization goals, and keep them updated on the impact of their resources. Typically funders provide unrestricted gifts directly to partner organizations, and rely on the Carbon Zero Project for project direction and updates.  Through this model we believe we can keep partner organizations efficient and focused on outcomes, and can expand the universe of funders interested in driving decarbonization goals.  We work with other larger-scale funders as projects move past the initial seed-funding stage.

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